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How to change the language?

on Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:02 pm

It's the face when You want to play League of Legends on German, but the region support ONLY English...

But don't cry... there is a solution.

Step 1
Launch the LEGACY CLIENT of the game (It's work ONLY in the CLASSIC client - sadly Crying or Very sad )

Step 2
Close the game

Step 3
Go to the folder:        \League of Legends\Config

Step 4
Open the file   " LeagueClientSettings.yaml  "   using a text editor like notepad  (right click -> open with...)

Step 5
Look for the line: locale: "en_US" (mine has "en_US but yours may have another language replace with desired language")

English    ->     en_US
Português  ->  pt_BR
Türkçe      ->    tr_TR
English      ->   en_GB
Deutsch    ->   de_DE
Español   - >    es_ES
Français    ->   fr_FR
Italiano     ->    it_IT
Čeština     ->    cs_CZ
Ελληνικά    ->  el_GR
Magyar   ->      hu_HU
Polski     ->       pl_PL
Română     ->   ro_RO
Русский  ->      ru_RU
Español     ->    es_MX
English      ->    en_AU
日本語     ->      ja_JP
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